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Magic Box Communications, Inc. provides full creative services and project management for interactive and video programs in the corporate arena. Applications include trade shows, CD / DVD programs, print materials and internet delivery. From Disney's Epcot Center to the Singapore Science Museum from a World Expo in Seville to Supercom Brazil Magic Box Communications, Inc. video and interactive programs have been featured in venues around the world. Prior and current clients include Fortune 100 firms in the fields of high technology, pharmaceutical products, finance/insurance and others.
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Production Writing Design Directing
Robert Gengerke brings over a quarter of a century of experience to video, print and interactive media as a writer, producer and director of corporate programs that educate employees and customers, motivate staff, and help sell products. His video and interactive programs have been featured in venues around the world, from global expositions to trade shows. He produced his first interactive program in the 1980s, with Sperry's first educational interactive videodisc series. Prior to developing interactive programs, he was staff Executive Producer at Sperry (later Unisys) where he wrote, produced and directed the corporate identification videotape that positioned the new firm for the business marketplace. He also created the company's first video training for ethics awareness and federal regulation compliance. His dual role as Executive Producer and segment writer/director of Technical Difficulties earned him a Certificate of Creative Excellence at the US Film and Video Festival, and a Gold Medal from the ITVA.
In 1990 he began serving a number of Fortune 100 clients as an independent producer, writer and director. Three years later, in order to provide more comprehensive services for customers, he formed Magic Box Communications, a type C corporation headquartered in New York City. Prior and current clients include Fortune 100 firms in the fields of high technology, pharmaceutical products, finance/insurance and others. He has edited and written print/audiovisual educational programs for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, and taught at Central Michigan University before entering the corporate arena in 1979. His Bachelor's degree is from the State University of New York at Binghamton, and he earned his Master's degree in Communications from Temple University.
Angela Lomangino is the Director of Educational Program Development for Magic Box Communications, Inc. Through TV Talent 3, she teaches performance arts to students of all ages and at all levels of experience. Her experience in developing new business opportunities began in 1993, when she developed products and managed the design studio functions of a global retail startup division, Warner Brothers Studio Stores. She applied this experience successfully at Time Inc., where leveraging the Time/Life Picture Collection photograph assets she developed new products for retail markets, negotiated licensing arrangements for Time/Life photographs in television, advertising and design markets, and developed a system for licensing and implementing a wall art collection for corporate sales. She later restructured the business operations of the photo department for TV Guide, streamlining throughput and exploring markets for new products.
Her experience as an educator completes her unique profile in developing new educational products and programs: Ms. Lomangino has a degree in Speech and Dramatic Education from the University of Maryland and has taught elementary and high school children in the theater arts, as well as adults in the advanced on-camera commercial division of the Weist-Barron School. As a professional actress, she has appeared on broadcast television, in feature films and on stage. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and Actors Equity Association (AEA).
Production Writing Design Directing
Production Writing Design Directing
Services Writing scripts, speeches Project Management Interactive Design Instructional Design Producing Directing Executive Performance Coaching
Applications Training Educational Support Sales Aids Trade Shows Corporate Communications Electronic Press Kits Broadcast Roll-Ins Public Relations Executive Forums Documentaries Video Magazines
Subject Areas Telecommunications Computer Software Microelectronics Performing Arts Ethics & Compliance Employee Benefits Pharmaceutical Sales Continuing Medical Education
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Production Writing Design Directing
Writing Business, technology, financial, insurance, pharmaceutical / medical available on request
Programs Trade shows, training, games available for personal demonstration; samples online available at right
iJet Attract loop for interactive trade show program
Campesinos Documentary for corporate sponsor
Green Manufacturing Broadcast roll-in segment
iJet This is the attract loop for an interactive program used at a trade show to permit visitors to explore iJET in their own ways. The program includes a facilities tour, "Travel IQ" quiz, narrated slide presentation, and video interviews addressing common questions. Commissioned directly by iJET Travel Intelligence for use at NBTA events. Production notes: Entire production, from concept to deployment, completed within 10 weeks; video recording for over 15 separate interactive events completed in 1 day. Tap/click this box to close text and video
Campesinos Hurricane Andrew was to Florida in the 1990s what Katrina was to New Orleans in 2005. One of the most moving stories covered in this documentary about public and private relief efforts involved migrant workers. Created directly for AT&T. Production notes: More than 50 interviews on 4 separate shoots in 2 months resulted in this collection of stories, which serve as a partial record of the experience. Tap/click this box to close text and video
Green Manufacturing Sponsored by Lucent Technologies, this excerpt was originally produced as a longer roll-in segment for PBS' Nova series. It was later re-released for use in schools, and again as part of a video news release (tracks separated, accompanied by clips selected from interviews with EPA officials and research scientists). Production notes: Interviews were recorded in Washington, DC in one day; all non-library B-roll was recorded in one day. Tap/click this box to close text and video